beautiful morning wishes,good morning motivational quotes in english

beautiful morning wishes,good morning motivational quotes in english

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beautiful morning wishes
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good morning motivational quotes in english
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This collection contains aphorisms, quotes, statuses and sayings about the morning. Morning is the beginning of every day, and as we start it, the day will pass.

A huge number of people just hate morning from Monday to Friday. And a completely different attitude to Saturday morning. A sleep shattered by an alarm clock is a difficult test for the psyche. And such torture continues for many days and years in a row. People just get used to the fact that a weekday morning cannot be good, or rather, it can be later, after you manage to wake up.

And morning, by definition, should be good! This is the beginning of the day and the beginning of a small life that will last only a few hours and in the evening turn into the past. Pleasant or sad, but already past. That is why morning must be good, and day must be good.

Have a good mood for the whole day!

About morning: aphorisms, quotes, statuses and saying


My alarm clock is my wife, who every morning cries out on the scales

So I got up, but did not wake up.

In the evening you go to bed with one person and wake up with another.

The morning is already so fucked up that it also allows itself to be cold.

You woke up with the desire to work, then you should still sleep.

Today I got up on the wrong foot, and she was stuck between the wall and the bed!

From the experience of a lived life, it is known that one who wakes up at dawn of his own free will or, if necessary, has to get up early, does not tolerate well if others in his presence continue, as they say, to breathe without hind legs.

I woke up early in the morning and think: I’ll get up, turn the mountains … turned on the other side – why should they invade nature, let them stand!

I wake up and think what I’ll do today.

Who is Sleep? And why do I always want him in the morning?

Every morning, after the party, you have to make a difficult choice – what to wear: not washed or ironed?

Last night, he thought that he still had a chance. Everything was possible last night. The trouble with “yesterday evening” is that it is always followed by “this morning.”

We would love the morning more if it started later …

Every morning I go through five stages of awakening: denial, anger, bargaining, humility, coffee.

Morning is such a part of the day when you envy the unemployed.

Do not trust dreams – the morning will always be while you are alive.

When, finally, the time will come when in the morning I will begin to wake up, and not rise again?

I had a favorite song, and then I set it on the alarm clock. There are no more favorite songs !!!

I don’t snore at night .. I growl to be afraid to wake me up.

beautiful morning wishes,good morning motivational quotes in english

I am going to work one morning, calmly going, not late. And then I understand that there is a blanket around, a pillow and I am in bed … I understand: the dream was prophetic – to a showdown.

Incredible evening, crazy night – anyone can do it.

And you try to make an unforgettable morning …

Even I don’t look like Cindy Crawford in the morning

I slept with this thought – and in the morning I decided to sleep with him.

Do you know what infuriates you most at work in the morning? This is late. And not because you can be a fan of punctuality, but because this creature slept more than you!

Every morning, when the alarm rings, the first thing that wakes up is the desire to kill, and then me.

On the morning after the stormy graduation, it seemed to the graduate Sidorov that the girl with the bell had crossed over from his shoulder into his head.

“Why did you send me on the phone yesterday morning?” I wanted to wish you a good morning …

Firstly, it was 7 in the morning. Secondly, I did not send, but politely asked what you need at such an early hour. And thirdly, the word “goat” broke out by accident.

Often looking at the woman who was in your bed in the morning, you realize with horror that the merit that you seduced her yesterday was not yours.

I need to call psychics, let me look for socks every morning.

The farther from Monday, the kinder the morning.

When will the morning begin with charging and running, and not with mineral water and aspirin tablets?

You get old – this is when in the morning after drinking, you find in the refrigerator not drunk beer!

At our place, the most religious thing is the scales. Every morning, the wife stands at them and shouts loudly, “Oh, God!”

I understood why the army wakes up at six in the morning: because the only thing you want to do at 6 in the morning is to kill people.

nice morning quotes


You can’t just get up early in the morning.
This is always a complicated philosophical process.

In the army, the company liked to say in the morning: “Whoever gets up early, God gives that.”
I always had a question: “What does God give”?

Now I know that for those who get up early, God gives a drill and a desire to hammer walls.

What a blessing when you wake up at 3 a.m., and rejoice that it is not morning yet. Happiness! And yes further to solder!

A good half of citizens on Monday morning look like unkind at all.

I am not a masochist, but in the mornings I always take a cold shower. This is a great start to the day, because then obviously there will be nothing worse.

The fact that there was nobody to say “good morning” meant only one thing: that you would not have to start the day with hypocrisy.

Monday … morning … Club green and resourceful …

We are greeted by the morning with a pickle!

Let it be better to be ashamed in the morning than boring in the evening!

Collection of quotes, aphorisms, sayings and statuses about the morning


I want to brew coffee for two every morning.

And sometimes you wake up, and everything is perfect.

In the morning it’s sometimes very difficult to understand: did you just not get enough sleep or do you really hate everyone?

Every woman has the right to wake up in the morning shamelessly happy and leave the house brazenly beautiful!

In the evening of life – you can’t get enough, but in the morning you don’t want to live!

As soon as you fall asleep when an early morning doorbell pulls you out of bed and a hoarse voice: “We have come to check your boner” …

I do not trust those who are drawn to philosophizing at such an early age. It’s like a drink for breakfast, the initial stage of insanity. In the morning you need to sleep, swim and not think about anything.

The day did not work out in the morning: the alarm rang.

Saturday morning was beautiful. But then my memory began to come back to me …

When any external impulse gives rise to internal repulsion, a person has to look for reasons that will allow him to get out of bed in the morning – reasons, in any case, more thorough than the fear of accumulating pressure sores.

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